In early 2013 a special issue of online journal Coolabah looks at ‘Placedness’ in Australia.   Coolabah is the online journal of the University of Barcelona Australian Studies Centre.   Special issue no.11, ‘Placescape, placemaking, placemarking, placedness… geography and cultural production’ is guest edited by Bill Boyd and Ray Norman. 
Bill and Ray have put together a paper; ‘Reflections: Remade, Reworked, Reimagined: Sally Brown talks about place’ which looks at the relationship of my work to place/ Tasmania, and incorporates some interview style contributions from myself.  You can find the interview/blog and more at The Nudgelbah Institute, Sally Brown Tasmania
Go to Coolabah Placedness to find the full contents of Coolabah issue 11, including the article ‘Reflections: Remade, Reworked, Reimagined: Sally Brown talks about place’, or go straight to the PDF.

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