Transience – Michaye Boulter and Sally Brown 2014

Painter Michaye Boulter and I are exhibiting together at Handmark Gallery, Salamanca.

Transience opens on Friday 14th February(valentines day!) at 6pm, Handmark Gallery, Salamanca Place, Hobart.  The exhibition continues until Tuesday 11th March.

Pool 2014
Sally Brown
stainless steel, stainless steel wire and beeswax

Photography: Julien Scheffer

Transience 2014
Artists Statement
The pattern and repetition of nature intrigues me; never machine-perfect, little anomalies and imperfections occur.  The same soothing irregularities come with the handmade, creating a familiar realness.
Much of my work is made with salvaged materials, often reworked beyond recognition.  The Patina, texture and secret stories of a past existence appeal; the material, worn or unwanted and ripe for rebuilding gives me the curiosity to explore.  At times I am a spectator, watching an object grow incrementally in my hands, not always knowing the form it will take.
I make vessels, containing and defining the inside and outside space.  Sometimes they are ghosts of vessels, echoes of a time of necessity, the inside merging with the outside.
Sally Brown

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