About Sally Brown

Tasmanian-born artist Sally Brown lives and works in Cygnet, in the Huon/Channel region of the state.  Sally has a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours from the University of Tasmania, where she studied Furniture Design from 2000 until 2004. Since 2000 Sally has participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Tasmania and nationally.  Sally’s work is represented in collections including The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG), The Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), and The Tasmanian Wood Design Collection (TWDC).


“Over the years I have explored an array of materials and processes, before settling on metal as my preferred medium.  I have a strong interest in textiles , and often incorporate traditional techniques into my work in experimental, unconventional ways.   This influence has become a distinctive feature of my style.  Techniques such as weaving, stitching and knitting frequently provide the tactile qualities characteristic of my art pieces.

Living in a rural/bush setting has led to my appreciation of the natural world. 
My fascination with the natural forms and structures I observe in the surrounding environment informs the aesthetic aspects of my practice.   This influence emerges in my use of organic forms, natural colours and an emphasis on pattern and texture. 

While I think of myself as an artist, my practice blurs the boundaries between art, craft, and design.  I make all of my work by hand, and the hands-on, crafting process is very important to me.  The not-quite-perfect character in a handcrafted object provides a form of artistic expression, as do the subtle differences and variations that render each piece unique. 

I frequently choose to work with salvaged materials, for both their aesthetic value and lesser environmental impact.   I feel that salvaged materials can bring a greater sense of depth and meaning to an art piece through textures and patinas that can only come with time and use.  Similarly, I am increasingly experimenting with natural alternatives to harsh chemicals and hi-tech processes, in a conscious effort to steer my art practice in a direction more harmonious with my personal values and preferred ways of working.”

Sally Brown